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Leonardo da Vinci 500th anniversary celebration in Amboise


Leonardo da Vinci died in his room at  Clos Lucé Amboise in May 1519 A genius disappears, humanist, thinkers of history. First painter, engineer and architect of the King Francçois 1 er, he puts his talents at the service of the sovereign, works tirelessly to many projects and inspires the plans of an ideal castle.He leaves behind an extraordinary heritage, celebrated throughout the world, the name of the city of Amboise is today attached to the life and work of the Italian master. It is natural that Amboise prepares a tribute for the disappearance of his 500 th anniversary. Come participate in the festivities of this event which will take place in the city of Amboise, the castle, and the closed Lucé. Our guest house "LE BUISSON "located a few kilometers away will welcome you during your stay in our rooms overlooking the Loire or in our cottage located in the park.


self catering apartments Amboise.

In a detached maisonnette 2 self catering  apartments :
The cyclamens: Located on the ground floor , the apartment underwent a major renovation in 2017. Fully and elegantly equipped, to make you feel at home.
This apartment will host comfortably 2 people .
 This spotless apartment is fully  equipped, to make you feel at home.

A large and bright living room, with new fitted kitchenette and convertible sofa bed . One bedroom with a double size bed (140cmx190cm) Bathroom with Italian shower, Washing machine,iron, ironing board, hair dryer and all necessary amenities.

This apartment meets the requirements for impaired  mobility persons.

The squirrels :

Located on the 1st floor , the squirrels suite of 55 m2 is equipped with a lounge, fitted kitchen, 2 bedrooms (1 double and 2 single beds), a bathroom with a bathtub, sink and toilet. The view overlooking the park.This accommodation suits perfectly  couples or a family with 2 children , can be rented with cyclamens apartment.


Holiday rental Amboise

La loire à Vélo” is an exceptional natural and cultural environment featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will discovert  the last intouched river in France  see villages , visit chateaux and  vineyards.
We can accommodate you after a tiring  day of  biking .
Located between Amboise and Tours  our accommodation combine the immediate proximity of the main Loire Valley sightseeing sites (Amboise, Chenonceau, Clos Luce,Villandry etc...
We provide 3 spacious ensuite bedrooms and 2 suites with kitchenette.







vacation rental wheelchair accessible amboise loire valley

The cyclamen just completly refurbished located on the ground floor of a maisonnette .This spotless holiday accommodation of 58 m2 is fully and elegantly equipped, to make you feel at home.

This apartment meets the requirements for impaired  mobility persons

A large and bright living room, with a equipped new kitchenette

large windows, offering a  view on the wooded park 

One bedroom with a double size bed (140cmx190cm)

A newly fitted italian  bathroom.

This apartment will host comfortably 2 people . 



SPECIAL PRICES early booking 2019

From monday to thrusday   book 2 nights ( 170 € ) the third night free

From friday thru sunday 2 nights ( 180 € ) the third night free


The reservation has to made from this website to be eligible.




Royal castle of Chambord

 The royal château of Chambord  is a 50 mn drive  from our  bed and breakfast le Buisson.The  Castle of Chambord is the last one built by  King  François 1st .It is the largest castle of the Loire valley with its 426 rooms, the double spiral staircase and fireplaces and magnificent terraces with  beautiful views. The park surrounding the castle with nearly 5440 hectares surrounded by a continuous 32 km wall .Recently important works in the garden in the front  have redone value of the castle.Every evening in July and August from 22 pm until midnight, the facade of the castle is illuminated so as to enhance the forest and the castle through a sound and light show.

Open every day from. 9 am to 6 pm  .




Cruise on the Loire river

From Rochecorbon on the Loire river opposite side of  our bed and breakfast Le buisson , climb aboard the "Saint-Martin-de-Tours" for a boat ride Tour of 50 minutes on the Loire river.
Discover an extraordinary natural garden shaped by the Loire over the centuries. You thrive amid wild islands and waterfowl: a moment of relaxation and excitement provided at the foot of the majestic limestone cliffs , full of cave dwellings and to the charming Castle Moncontour celebrated by Balzac, all made living with the Captain  comments.     Reservation & information  : tel  06 37 49 92 61   .




Royal castle of Langeais

Langeais located 34 km from our bed and breakfast about 25 mn by car. Langeais castle is in the region centre Loire Valley, on the border of Anjou and Touraine. Langeais Castle has actually two famous castles in one:
The Tower Fulk Nerra tand castle of Louis XI, build in 1415. The first has the distinction of being the oldest tower fortress of France while the second is a double facet, feudal landside and Renaissance-inspired courtyard.
The castle has a set of furnished rooms which give an idea of the atmosphere of a stately home in the late Middle Ages.
Today the castle of Langeais includes fifteen furnished and decorated rooms .The Preux room and its unique collection of tapestries xv and xvi centuries, particularly exposed seven pieces of the fto adorn the castle of Pierre Paien lord of Niort (79) in the Poitou region, where it was acquired in 1892 by Jacques Siegfried, it is the most complete series known to date.
Two rooms (4 m x 3.80 m) of another series of nine from the Auvergne Castle Madic weapons of Chabannes-Blanchefort are described in the of the obvious (03), where six present at the Revolution there were stolen, then found in 1880, placed in the home ... where four of them were stolen on 01/11/1977.
around 1385 for the Duke Jean de Berry they bear arms, are exposed to the Cloisters Museum in New York (Rockefeller donation of 1947).
We see a drawbridge in perfect working condition( raised and lowered at opening and closing time )  a walkway with a medieval battlements and scaffolding with hoists.
The exterior is also interesting especially with the viewpoint of the Loire and a series of small huts perched in a huge Lebanon cedar tree.

Visit everyday :  from. 9 AM to 7 PM information : 0247967260



Château d’azay le Rideau

Azay le Rideau is 25 km from our bed and breakfast about 25 minutes drive from le buisson B&B .
In the heart of Touraine loire valley , Azay-le-Rideau was built on an island in the Indre river , a tributary of the Loire river, these facades  reflected like a mirror in the water. This jewel of the French Renaissance was built in the XV century in the reign of Francis Ist , the castle was built between 1518 and 1523 by Gilles Berthelot it is a masterpiece of the early Renaissance.
Its architecture combines the charms of the French tradition: high roofs, pepper towers the verticality of the bays windows and skylights with the rigor of the schedule  Italian with continuous symmetries and horizontal lines.
The majestic romantic English park was designed and created in the nineteenth century.
The interior is an Italian Renaissance castle with rich sculptural decorations, a magnificent collection of portraits and tapestries are the witnesses of the atmosphere and lifestyle of the time. The castle has several lounges and state apartments, most of which have been redecorated in neo-Renaissance style in the nineteenth century. Restored recently it has regained all its splendor!

The castle of Azay le Rideau, which belongs to the french governement  is run by the Centre of National Monuments.
A light show takes place on summer evenings from 7 July to 31 August open from 9 PM  for  the ticket sale.

Informtion  : 0247454205  website :




Tours central Loire Valley

Tours is  located 10 km from our bed and breakfast, about 10mn drive from our B&B,  the city of Tours  main town of the Loire Valley has a well preserved heritage .
You can sample the old city of Tours by visiting the popular Place Plumereau:
with its carefully restored half-timbered townhouses. The area is packed with cafes , bars and restaurants   in the evening the  studients bring a night life .For those who wish to seek out the culture , the city has many fine monuments and museums.
The Cathedrale St-Gatien: with its flamboyant Gothic façade is an imposing piece of architecture both by day and  night.
Musee des Beaux-arts:
is a fine provincial museum in the Palais des Archeveques and is worth a visit to view its rooms, furnished to suit the dates of the paintings on display, alone. 
The new Basilique de St-Martin:
rue Descartes, is a late nineteenth-century neo-Byzantine building erected to honour the relics of St Martin, rediscovered in 1860, they are now housed in the crypt. 

There are also more than 30 markets held throughout the city of Tours offering everything from flowers to antiques to fresh fruits and vegétables. Also a beautifull  flowers markets held on wenesdays and saturdays on the boulvard in frond of the city hall

History of Tours

In the first century we found mentioned the name of "Caesarodunum" which became the capital of Turons Gallo-Roman.
Since the fourth century bishop St. Martin of Tours gives new impulse to the city, then
After the conservation of his relics inspired the creation of a center of major activity,and  the construction of a building became one of the top places of Western Christianity, which was one of the largest sanctuary of the Christian world. The fourteenth century the city became unified, and resurgent. The middle of the fifteenth century was to the sixteenth century the city became home to the kingdom in peril. Then with kings Charles VII, Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francois 1st city finds brightness, it is attended by senior ministers and advisers of royalty.
The silk industry favored by Louis XI and became thriving 700 teachers and 5000  working companions, two markets  per year at major fairs for 2 weeks , sale of silk is done on site. Birthplace of the first French Renaissance city bears the trace of an artistic development
and many masterpieces of that era are still visible: the top of the cathedral, the remains of St. Martin cloister, the hotels Gouin and Babou the Bourdaisière. In the eighteen century the intendant Pierre Cluzel made a major urban transformation by drawing a line perpendicular to the north-south from the « tranchée « to the Avenue de Grammont.


   Town hall                                                                   Plumereau Place                                              Flowers market


Mediéval city and chateau of Loches

Loches is located 30 km from our bed and breakfast  "Le buisson" and 20 minutes by car from our B&B.
Perched on a rocky spur, the chateau of Loches and the city  is one of the few medieval cities in France still have almost all of the ramparts of the twelfth century.
Le Donjon, 36 meters high, was built by a Count of Anjou, Fulk Nerra, in the early eleventh century. It’s among the most impressive of his time in Europe, it is also one of the best preserved. Model of military architecture, it is converted into a prison by Louis XI. Its open front terrace overlooking the city and the valley of the Indre. The home hosted  Joan of Arc, Agnes Sorel and Anne of Brittany.
Residence of the Valois dynasty, ROYAL LOGIS announces the Renaissance to the French and is a great place in the history of France. In the halls of LOGIS ROYAL are presented in beautiful Flemish tapestries, armor and chests ...
Discover, at the entrance pavilion of DUNGEON, beyond the Barbican, the prison world of the Middle Ages: Louis XI turn the peg, the hall of the question, the room graffiti, the dungeons, the fortifications and underground ...
Not far from the house of the governor, the medieval garden with pergola, its lawns and benches wicker barriers living offers a pleasant and relaxing time.



Castle of Cheverny

Cheverny is located a 40 minutes drive from our bed and breakfast « Le Buisson » Cheverny is a Loire valley  chateau remarkable for its preservation, built in the 17th century between 1603 and 1634, it has remained since then in the same family the Huraults who provide the utmost care. The castle you see today is the same has since its inception, it was built in a classic style Louis XIII.
The interior reflects the living history of the generations of the family. The largest room, arms room contains weapons, tapestries, chests, trunks and a piece of carved wood fireplace painted by Jean Monier in the 17th century. There are priceless tapestries throughout the castle as well as paintings and rare furniture.
The care and affection lavished This castle is visible from top to bottom.
The park of the Chateau de Cheverny with its large lawns and flower beds can be explored on foot or by renting a golf cart for a more pleasant visit and you can ride in a boat on the canal.
  The core architecture of the castle of Cheverny least two extreme towers, was the inspiration of Marlinspike Hergé's house Tintin cartoon character friend Captain Haddock. This led to the Hergé Foundation a permanent exhibition on the site under the banner "The Secrets of Moulinsart.
From the botanical Park to the splendid interior of the Castle remarkably decorated and furnished, the kennel with the meal of the dogs 17 PM to the permanent exhibition of Tintin, a beautiful day of exploring ahead  !

Open from. 9.15 am to 18 .00 pm               official wesite :



Light and sound show at the Chateau Amboise

 Amboise new show "The prophecy of Amboise 
Since 1976 the light and sound show is a great success.This year the new  multimédia show " prophecy of Amboise  at the Chateau Royal d'Amboise: Historical Fresque.... Leonardo da Vinci explained to the King a new project. Triboulet, the fool, laughs at everything and everyone. Pavanes, wank and bawdy animated dancers richly dressed. The village feast. The horsemen prance. Francis 1 st  invites you in the burning of the Amboise Castle, luxury of the court and the splendor of the Renaissance
"Children" village scenes and equestrian scenes, splendor of the Renaissance court dances and games are linked with 450 characters and 1000 costumes, "the Court of the King" awaits you in music, light and pyrotechnics .. . a trip back in time all summer evenings.
Wednesdays and Saturdays ( Additional evening Fridays )

dates 2016

July:  from 2 nd every saturdays et wenesdays 
August: from 3 rd every saturdays et wenesdays 
Hours: 22:30  July and August at 22:00 - Running time: 1:30
Price adults :15 to 25 euros.



Chateau of Chenonceau

Chenonceau is located 16 km from our bed and breakfast "Le Buisson", about 20mn drive from our B&B. The harmony between nature and architecture is evident in the beautiful castle of Chenonceau. Nestled in an exceptional setting with its gardens, all remarkable: gardens "a la Française" Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis  gardens. The castle is open to visitors every day of the year, the gardens are well maintained and managed continuously. The green garden, designed by Bernard Palissy its origin lies outside the Orangerie, consists of a large collection of trees, including the magnificent green oak bicentennial. Because it spans cross the Cher, whose waters reflect the unique beauty of its architecture, the Château de Chenonceau is one of the jewels of the Loire Valley.
Chenonceau owes women a large part of its charm. For nearly four hundred years, there are women who lived: Briçonnet Catherine, wife of Thomas Bohier the first builder, Diane de Poitiers, the beautiful favorite of Henry II and Catherine de Medicis the proud queen; his daughter, Louise de Lorraine, the inconsolable widow of Henry III; Gabrielle d'Estrées, the favorite of Henry IV Madame Dupin, the hostess of the young Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Mrs. Pelouze, the Conservator field at the end of last century. In the building of domes, a wax museum is dévote to them.
Chenonceau is not only remarkable for its architecture and history but also by the richness of its collections, as seen from the inside visit: Renaissance furniture, a large set of tapestries from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and many paintings by old masters, which are among the most famous Primatice, Correge, Rubens, Tintoret, Rigaud, Nattier, Van Loo ...

Open all year from. 9 AM to 8 PM




Zoological Park Zoo Parc de Beauval

Beauval located between Tours and Blois 50 km from the Bed and Breakfast Le BUISSON 40mn by car from our B&B, Beauval Zoo is one of the most exciting zoos in Europe: 4000 animals on 22 hectares, from the  hummingbird to elephant from the manatee to the koala ... Created by Françoise Delord who mange the zoo to this day with his family. The park At first it was a bird park then turned into a zoo in 1989 with the arrival of its first monkeys and cats.
Other animals arrived often unique in France: White Tigers (1991), manatees (1997) White Lions (1999), koalas (2002), Okapi (2005), anteaters (2007) and in 2012 the two giant pandas named Huan Huan and Yuan Zi unique in Europe!
The zoo now has several greenhouses (Bird, Australian Tropical), a vivarium, a swimming pool with sea lions and a petting zoo. A sea lion show and flying raptors takes place every day, twice a day.

Summer and winter, enter an exotic world: in a park exceptionally flowered and shaded, a journey into the animal world through its four tropical greenhouses (6800 m² visiting sheltered), his vivarium, its performances raptor and sea lions (April to November), the African savannah, where more than 70 animals (giraffes, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, rhinos ...) roam freely on 3 hectares of African elephants on his 5ha more than 250 primates, 4000 animals, the largest collection in France!
One of the best zoo in Europe! Do not miss a day plan a visit. Hours: 9 am 18h Rate adults € 25 children - 11 years 19 €


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Chateau of Chaumont sur Loire

 Chaumont located on the banks of the Loire 30 km from our bed and breakfast, towards the castle of Blois, 20 mn drive from our B&B le Buisson. The castle of Chaumont sur Loire Famous for its garden festival from April to October. Its landscaped park planted with old cedars form a spectacular and unique viewpoint overlooking the Loire.
In the past brilliant and unusual characters stayed there: Catherine de Medici, Diane de Poitiers, Nostradamus, Ruggieri, Benjamin Franklin, Germaine de Stael, or the Princesse de Broglie, who made Chaumont-sur-Loire high level of savoir-vivre and French refinement.
Today, the International Garden Festival has been held since 1992 in the castle. It offers each year 30 new gardens created on a given topic, which is a wonderful panorama of the landscape design in the world. The 2012 theme was "Garden of Earthly Delights, gardens delusions."
This year from April 24 to October 20, 2013 the 22nd International Garden Festival is on the theme "Gardens of sensations"

Night show from July 1 to August 31, 2013
Every evening, except Friday, from 22h to midnight, "Gardens of Light" original lighting gardens the Festival
The castle is open all year, last accessed 3/4 hour before the closing of the castle (17h30mn)



Château and gardens of Villandry

Villandry located at 24 km from our B&B, the castle  is 20mn drive from our bed and breakfast Le buisson.
The Loire Valley is known as the Garden of France, the Chateau de Villandry  especially its sumptuous gardens is  the most representative  of the " french garden"  of the Loire Valley , known for its formal geometric French gardens,even the vegetable garden has been planted to produce geometric patterns . The castle from about 1530  was built for one of the first minister François Jean le Breton. It is the last of the renaissance castles built in the Loire Valley. It has been confiscated at the French Revolution and was bought  soon after by the brother of Napoleon in 1810.
The castle and the beautiful gardens you see today is the work of Dr. Joachim Carvalho great grandfather of the current owner, who bought the castle in 1906. Gardens have to be discovered  high from the upper terrace, and close to appreciate all the details, charms, subtleties ...
Lot of time and a lot of money in this project and the results are breathtaking, with three levels of terraced gardens that combine aesthetics, diversity and harmony .. and make it one of the most beautiful garden of France. official website:

A must to visit ! Open everyday from 9 am to 5.30 pm gardens until 7.30  entry : 6.8€ - 9.5€
On-site restaurant all inclusive meals + entry  : 32 €




How to come and visit the loire valley chateaux.

Depending on the length of your stay choose a bed and breakfast  for a weekend or a week you can spend a memorable experience in the Loire Valley. There are many things to do and see in this beautiful area classified by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.
Discover the loire valley chateaux Chambord, Chenonceau, Blois, Villandry, Chaumont, Azay le Rideau ect ...
From Paris by car it takes 2 ½ hours by the motorway A 10 and 1 h by train from Paris-Montparnnasse station with TGV ( hight speed train) to St Pierre des corps Station from the station you can rent a car f and go directly to the B&B  Le buisson ( approximately 7km.) from the TGV station.
From London there are direct flights with Ryanair to the Airport Tours Val de Loire( TUF) where you can rent a car from the airport and go the B&B le Buisson  (approximately 15 km.)
For those arriving from oversea, at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport there are direct TGV train from the Terminal 2 station  to St Pierre des Corps  it takes 1h20mn . Majors rental car compagny are there, you can pick up your car from the station and you will arrive to the  B&B Le buisson.(approximatly 7 km)

Choose castles to visit then from the B&B "le buisson" each day you can tour the loire valley, to discover chateaux, caves, vineyards, old villages etc .. our bed and breakfast "le buisson" is a good choice perfectly located in an atmosphere almost like home, you will  be with your hosts who knows the area and will advise you on what to do and see , restaurants to discover, places to go and vinemaker's caves to taste the good Loire valley wines .Your hosts myself and Nicole  will try to help you in anyway we can throughout your stay. In the morning a home made  breakfast will be served prior to your departure to discover the loire valley.
Happy holidays and enjoy your stay with us.





The loire valley

The Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape along the longest river in France. Remarkable for the quality of its architectural heritage, in its historic towns and numerous famous castles such as Blois, Chenonceau, Amboise, Chambord. The Loire basin occupies a large area in the center and west of France, which stretches from the southern part of the Massif Central up the Atlantic coast. Along the Loire, between Orléans and Angers, the valley is characterized by small cliffs of tuff and limestone, often below one or more terraces leading down to a floodplain. Over the centuries valley has a long history of flooding.
Along its length world heritage UNESCO Loire is confined within levees. Its shores are dotted at intervals of a few kilometers, through a series of villages, towns and cities. Among urban areas are (from north-east to south-west) Sully, Orleans, Blois, Amboise, Tours, Angers and Saumur.
The impact of the Roman landscape was massive, and still today strongly influence urban form and road communications. The Loire was one of the most important arteries for communications and commerce in Gaul. In the late Roman period St Martin, Bishop of Tours, founded an abbey in Marmoutier around 372, which served as a model for many other monastic establishments in the Loire Valley.
The sanctuaryof Tours was one of the centers of the most important pilgrimage in Europe until it was replaced by Jacques de Compostela. Land allocation has followed the trends of feudal society and fortified residences were a frontier zone during the Hundred Years War, clashes between French and English. The castles were rebuilt and enlarged to become massive fortresses, the precursors of the chateaux of the Loire. With the end of the war in th middle of the 15th century the valley was the ideal place for humanism and the Renaissance took root there. This involved, among other things, the dismantling of massive medieval fortresses and palaces reconstruction of Italian inspiration for fun and the art of living.





Chateau of Amboise


Amboise located 10km from our bed and breakfast,10 mn drive from our B&B, Amboise is nestled in the heart of Touraine where life is goog on the banks of the Loire, which grows at the foot of the castle, in the garden of France. .Amboise, "Ambacia" in Latin, meaning "between two waters." The city is developing, taking advantage of the natural protection of water and the installation of a stronghold.

The particularity of Amboise: its rivers, the Loire River and L’Amasse river In ancient times, rivers protect the town in height. They then promote exports and facilitate irrigation.

The Turonian strengthen the plateau, the Gallo-Romans create a high city. In the Middle Ages, the lords of Amboise built on the rocky outcrop, a castle. It is in 1431 Amboise is permanently attached to the Crown of France and became a royal residence of the King Charles VII (from 1422 to 1461). The city is implanted in the valley at the foot of the castle. The presence of the Court is then a factor of urban development and beautification. François 1er and mark its passage by introducing the concept of court. It is home for many artists as Leonardo da Vinci at the  Clos Lucé .
After the departure of the monarchy, it was not until the mid-18th century that the city of Amboise knows a boost with the arrival of the Duke de Choiseul, the establishment of the first manufactures and commerce on the Loire. In the 19th century, Amboise and its surroundings thus contribute to the industrial revolution.



the main loire valley castles France

chateau de Villandry                                                        chateau de Chenonceau


chateau de Chaumont                                                     chateau d'Azay le Rideau

chateau d'Amboise                                                            chateau de Valencay





From Saturday 31 December 2012 to Monday, December 31, 2013
Clos Lucé Clos Lucé 2 rue du
37400 Amboise
02 47 57 00 73

The fifty models made after the designs of Leonardo da Vinci illustrate various engineering talents of Leonardo da Vinci: aerospace, industrial machinery, marine engineering, measuring instruments, mechanisms, civil engineering, architecture, military engineering. The collection is made of solid beech wood and some wood turnings charm.



chenonceau loire valley france




Until january 1 st  2014
Clos Lucé
2 rue du Clos Lucé
37400 Amboise
Téléphone :
02 47 57 00 73


10 years of a fascinating relationship between three kings of France and Leonardo da Vinci.

The exhibition showcases the results of studies and research work for the period 1507-1513 between Milan and French from 1516 to 1519. Leonard link exceptional with France, supported by three kings, Charles VIII, Louis XII and François I - without forgetting the role of Louise de Savoie - is one of the founders of the Renaissance made ​​in the Loire Valley.


Boat trip on the river Cher château de chenonceaux

In July and August, chenonceau chateau , possibility to hire a boat for a pleasant trip on the river Cher.




discover the castle of Chenonceau by night

chenonceau castle until end of august

"Combining the delights of the senses of the mind" ...

Visitors can discover the illuminated gardens, accompanied by the music of Arcangelo Corelli, master of Italian classicism.

All weekends in June and every evening from July 1 to August 31, 21:30 to 23:30.

Open boxes: 21:30
Closed boxes: 23:00
information :   tel :0820 20 90 90



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